Design Title: Carefree Pool Solutions
Client: Carefree Pool Solutions is a large pool company in Carlton Texas. The business owner was not happy with the look of their website and more specifically was not happy with the performance of their SEO. On top of this, they had a lot of videos and needed someone to create 30-second commercial spots and advertisements to display on their social media sites and their website. I built the website using Joomla and created a design to go with their current logo. I used the images that were provided to showcase a before and after section along with creating small videos that can be displayed in many areas. After building the website, I worked on her AdWords campaign and Google business to ensure that they would receive higher traffic results which would then bring in more customers.
Created by: Jeremy Lee
Programs used:
CMS: Joomla

Custom Graphics:
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Illustrator
Video Editing:
Adobe Premier Pro
Year Created: 2014

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