Design Title: DTRT Financial Advisors
DTRT Financial Advisors is based in Gainesville and Tampa FL. They contacted me to help them with the website that they created on They were not able to recreate the website to look like the marketing material that they had made for them in the previous year. They were also looking to have their site serviced monthly to improve their SEO and gain more visitors to their website. I was able to recreate their website using Joomla to match the marketing material and the logo that was created for them by another company. To help with their outreach, I also shot and edited videos for them to place on their website and their social media. To monitor the progress on their website I used Google Analytics, Google Business, and created campaigns through Google AdWords.
Created by: Jeremy Lee
Programs used: Joomla

Custom Graphics: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop
Video Editing: Adobe Premier Pro
SEO Monitoring: Google Analytics and Google Business
Advertising: Google Adwords
Year Created: 2014

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