Design Title: Stevenson Construction Inc.
Client: Stevenson Construction is a father and son team based out of Starke Florida. With the father as an engineer and a son who has a knack for beautiful carpentry with a builder license, these two have a team that creates stunning homes at affordable prices. This is another site that was originally built with HTML/CSS code but was rebuilt using the content management system Joomla. I helped redesign the entire look of their website featuring the beautiful homes and businesses that they had built from the ground up. I also integrated not only the construction but also the engineer blueprints that they did for not only their business but other construction businesses as well. With the custom graphics and the redesign of their logo, I also helped them get their information on the various social media platforms to showcase what they do. After their website was finished I monitored their website and social media using Google Analytics and Google Business.
Created by: Jeremy Lee
Programs used: Joomla

Custom Graphics: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop

SEO Monitoring: Google Analytics and Google Business
Year Created: 2016

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