Design Title: Haile Plantation Equestrian Center
The Haile Plantation Equestrian Center is based out of Gainesville FL in the Haile Plantation and Preserve. This was a new project to serve the community with an equestrian center to not only teach individuals how to ride but also to have stables for horse boarding. This website did not come with any content and needed to be conceptualized from beginning to end including writing all verbiage, creating new imagery, and building custom graphics. The website was built using Joomla, the custom graphics were created using Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator, and the photos were edited using Adobe Photoshop. The owner and director wanted to maintain the website themselves. With that in mind, I created how-to videos to set them up for success when making edits and changes to their site.
Created by: Jeremy Lee
Programs used: Joomla 

Custom Graphics: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop

Year Created: 2011

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